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About Us

Elly’s Respite Care of Calimesa, CA, specializes in supervised visitation, parental education and classes, and caregiver assistance in the homes of individuals with disabilities throughout Calimesa and surrounding California areas. We understand that many families take great joy in caring for their loved ones with disabilities, despite the physical and emotional strain that it may create.

Our goal is to help those family members maintain that joy in their caregiving by helping prevent burnout for the caregivers. Our service providers are trustworthy professionals and are the families’ own preferred individuals who provide temporary care and supervision in the caregiver’s home. In this case, they have the support that they need to meet their own needs, as well as those of their loved ones. We do not dispense medication or transport the clients and the services we provide are in-home only.

Services Provided

Elly’s Respite Care, LLC in Calimesa, CA provides routine respite and preferred provider care that is responsive to the family’s needs and available whenever requested. Our services offer the primary caregiver the opportunity for self-renewal. We also offer care and assistance to the siblings of a child with intellectual Disabilities, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Epilepsy, Down Syndrome, or an IQ under 70. Our goal is to bridge the isolation experienced by families of an individual with developmental disabilities and enable family members to participate as a whole in community activities. We help clients maintain a healthy marriage by giving a couple the respite care service they need while improving the social-emotional skills of the child.

Caregiver assistance

We offer caregiver assistance of children or individuals with a disability in the home of the individuals with the disabilities to give caregivers a break for a few hours a day so that the caregiver can rest, run errands, or do as they please with their free time. We are aware that it can be difficult and time-consuming to take care of others, so we want to offer a break to caregivers and individuals to allow them time for themselves and their mental health.

Elly’s Respite Care also assists couples by caring for children while they couples take time for themselves. We teach children and other surrounding individuals life skills including cooking, everyday activities, and everything in between.

Parenting education & Classes

Elly’s Respite Care offers parenting education and parenting classes for those that have issues with the law or difficulties caring for children. We help to coach parents and provide supervised visitation services for adults with custody issues, including for those that have been taken away from their children and want to learn how to safely get reconnected with them. Our parenting education and classes are also available virtually and online.

Parenting education improves parental empowerment and competency while enhancing the parents’ sense of self-efficacy and the ability to do parenting techniques efficiently and successfully. It can also result in positive changes in parents’ knowledge about parenting as well as their self-esteem and feelings of self-mastery when it comes to parenting. On top of this, our parenting services can improve child behavior. Children whose parents undertake parenting classes frequently show an increase in positive, helpful behavior such as compassion, sharing, helping others and a decrease in negative behaviors such as aggression, delinquency, and hyperactivity.

Parenting Classes can also help parent-child interactions as the communication skills between parents and children are greatly improved, which ultimately results in an overall better understanding between family members. This assists with lessening the use of corporal punishment and the risk of child abuse. By undertaking the parenting classes, parents are equipped with alternatives to physical punitive actions and change the family mentality when it comes to the right expectations of children, appropriate family roles, and other values that discourage the use of corporal punishment.

There is an improvement in parental mental health and well-being through parenting classes, as parents may experience short-term improvements in mental health, including a reduction in anxiety, anger, guilt, and stress.

Monitored visits/Supervised Visitation

Monitored visits/supervised visitation occurs when children have been separated from their parents due to neglect, abuse, and other reasons. We provide supervised visitation to help the non-visiting parents to feel comfortable allowing contact between the child and the visiting parent while ensuring the safety of the child.

Our supervised visitation services assure consistent and regular parenting time with the visiting parent and allow the opportunity for the visiting parent to continue their relationship with the child. It also assures that the third-party observer is a neutral, objective, and trained professional while providing the visiting parent an opportunity to spend time with the child without fear of new allegations against them.

About Belinda Szabatura

At Elly’s Respite Care, our team is a group of dedicated and certified professionals. The owner, Belinda Szabatura, of Elly’s Respite Care has a Master’s Degree in Social Work and a specialization in children and family services, as well as over 20 years of experience working with children and families. Being a teacher and behavioral therapist and working as a supervisor monitoring visitors and teaching parents how to care for their children for many years, you can rest assured knowing you are in good hands at Elly’s Respite Care.


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